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Chinese Bread Roll

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Dal Bukhara/ How to make restaurant style Dal Bukhara

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Triple S Vadai/Scrumptious Sago Spinach Vadai / How to make Sabudana Palak Vada

Crispy and delectable aloo tikki/ Stuffed aloo tikki/Stuffed potato pattice

Restaurant style Tamarind chutney/ Khatti-Meethi Saunth Chutney/Sonth Chutney/ Imli ki chutney

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samvat pulao/ swang ka pulao/ vrat ke chawal

Singhare Ki Kachori/ How to make Singhare Ki Kachori

Vrat Ki Kadhi/ Singhare Ki Kadhi Recipe/ How to make Vrat Ki Kadhi

We all love kadhi…So why leave it in times of fasting??? I usually make Kadhi-rice on Thursday as it is in the school menu of my daughter. Moreover, in my college mess also, kadhi is in the menu for Thursday and to avoid the temptation of eating it at the mess, I make it myself. […]

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Shakarkandi and Kache Kele Ki Burfi

Shakarkand Kheer/ Sweet Potato pudding

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