Monthly Archives: September 2016

Kiwi Burfi Recipe

Kesar Ellachi Peda Using Khoya/Mawa

An easy to make peda that is bursting with flavors and just melts when taken into mouth.

Dhoda Burfi- A specialty from Punjab

A delicacy from the land of Punjab with its unique texture, flavor and richness.

Jammu Chocolate

A sweet that is little chocolaty, little chewy, bursting with taste leaves you desiring for more. You will be longing for chewiness to persist.

Chatpati Arbi With Garadu Masala -Indori chaat ka mazza

Bland to exhilarating - See the magic of spices and condiments

Taro Root Croquette With Tofu

Sweet Ginger Garlic Lime Taro Fries With Garlic Chilli Sauce

Have you ever tried Taro fries?? If not, try these sweet ginger garlic lime taro fries, I bet even the die-hard French fries lovers will not be able to resist them.

Sukhi Arbi Recipe/ Arbi Stir Fry

Sukhi arbi is a mildly spiced stir fried dish that has a crunchy taste and can be used as a side dish.

Seasonal Fruit Chat With Kachalu

Arbi Tuk / Arbi Masala Fry

Arbi crispies sprinkled with spices make a great starter to meals