Hello folks. I am Ritu Tangri, an assistant professor by profession and a chef by passion. It was my childhood dream to please everyone’s appetite with tasty and healthy dishes. I always wanted to start a cooking school where I could teach the art of cooking to those who need my help. However,  it’s not possible for everyone to attend cooking classes along with their studies or jobs. So, here I am with my dream project -“Annapurnaz- A beginner’s guide to a perfect meal.

In our culture, goddess Annapurna is associated with food and bounty. anyone who cooks in the kitchen for others is a reflection of the goddess herself. Another common belief in our culture says that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and what better way than to melt their hearts with a dish prepared with your own hands. Preparing food for others not only gives nourishment to the body but also to our spirit.  It’s our way of showing our love and concern for them.

I love to cook and in return, get love and blessings from those who like to eat food made by me. Food being appreciated and devoured lovingly provides a sense of incomparable satisfaction. Cooking is adorable.  It makes me free in a worthwhile way. After a long day’s work, no matter how tired or frustrated I am, cooking makes me happy.

Cooking is an art which can be perfected with persistence. Like music and dance, cooking provides a unique feeling of calmness,  a sense of being completely in control yet utterly free. No longer confined to conventional recipes and only one way being the right way, culinary skills have come a long way. A little modification here, a big change there and voila! You have a dish which may look just like the one you have eaten so many times, yet is entirely different in taste.

Of course, some of these experiments will be totally disastrous. But don’t lose heart. This is what Annapurnaz is here for. For all those amateurs out there, this is the perfect platform for you to find solace in the kitchen. Everything here will be your beginner’s guide to a perfect meal.

With Maa Annapurna’s blessings, may we all become well-acquainted with our love for food, an understanding of spices and a pleasing sense of aesthetics and taste. So cook it up and embark on a beautiful journey of aroma, taste and satiety.


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  1. Hi Ritu Mam,
    Sarab here,
    Keep sending me your recipes in my email.
    I am really impressed by reading your blog, apart from being great lecturer, you are genius!

  2. I am making nice biscuits and am little confused about corn flour. Is it flour from the corn or cornstrach.


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