Begun bhaja or baingun bhaja is one of the famous dish from Bengali cuisine. If once tasted, it will surely going to be your favourite dish even if you are a baingun hater.

Begun bhaja is simply a spiced and shallow fried dish using brinjal. We can enjoy it as a snack or as a side dish.

One of my friend, Jasmeet had long back told me the recipe of this dish. She asked me to try it, but somehow I couldn’t make it for so long. May be I was a bit skeptical about its taste. In my family, we like to have brinjal as aloo baingun or as bhartha and occasionally I put it in sambar.

Last month in blogging marathon, one of my co bloggers posted baigun bhaja, this reminded me of my long due trial of this recipe. Luckily, brinjals were lying in my fridge. So I decided to give it a try before I forget it again.When I placed shallow fried, hot, spicy and crispy bhaja on the table, they were gone within minutes. To my surprise, even my daughter, who runs away from brinjal loved them. In fact, she didn’t come to know that I had served her brinjals as I had never made them earlier. Moreover, she isn’t used to of brinjals in that form 😁😁.

Here goes the recipe of tastiest ever begun bhaja.