Chocolate recipes

The Bestever Chocolaty & Chewy Brownie Recipe

This chewy and gooey dark chocolate brownie will make any chocolate lover ecstatic.

Chocolate Cake Balls/ Cake balls with dark chocolate ganache

Creamy & Crunchy Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream/ How to make Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream

Swirls of gooey chocolate sauce running through soft and creamy vanilla ice cream make it super indulgent

Fudge Cookies / Eggless Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Soft, chewy and chocolaty cookies that can make your morning better with a cup of hot milk.

Chokladbollar- The Swedish Chocolate Balls

Caramel Filled Chocolate Recipe

Caramel filled chocolate- deliciously addictive. Make them yourself to indulge in the deliciousness at your fancy.

Fat Free Chocolate Cake / How to make fatfree, eggfree chocolate cake

Sinful or Sin less..... You need not to think to devour this fat free chocolate cake.

Crunchiest Chocolate Rice Crackers- A perfect treat for the kids

Be tempted with this irresistible, crunchy, chocolaty snack that is for every occasion that you want to make special.

Chocolaty Walnut Fudge Balls – A Brazilian Gourmet Food

Craving for something sweet and chocolaty. Feast on this super duper Brazalian fudge balls made with condensed milk and cocoa.

Dhoda Burfi- A specialty from Punjab

A delicacy from the land of Punjab with its unique texture, flavor and richness.