corn recipes

Brazilian One Pot Chickpea Rice

Brazilian chickpea rice- a perfect one pot meal for the lazy/ busy day

Cheese Corn Spring Roll- A perfect party appetizer

A delectable party appetizer made with cheese and sweet corn , so crispy so cheesy and feels heavenly on your tongue!

Uttapam Pizza – A combo of South Indian and Italian taste

A fusion of South Indian and Italian flavors to make a cheesy delight that will make your kids jump with joy

Soya Do Pyaza / Soya Masala Curry Recipe

This rich and comforting spicy Soya curry, topped with lightly sauteed onion and capsicum, makes a super delicious meal with any Indian flatbread.

Pizza Cupcake Recipe/ Pizza Muffins

Corn Kebab With Italian Twist/ Corn Kebab Recipe

Crunchiest &Tastiest Caramel Popcorn/ How to make Butter Caramel Popcorn

Mashed Potato & Garlic Corns

Cheese Corn Balls

A perfect combo of cheese and corn- crunchy from outside and soft from inside.