New year recipes

Hash Browns/ How to get fuss free crispiest hash browns

This crisp outside and moist inside, is what describes this simple side dish, that can make everybody fall for it.

Chocolate Cake Balls/ Cake balls with dark chocolate ganache

Best-ever Apple Pie Recipe

The crust, the filling......Oh so good! This is a wholesome fruity pie bursting with flavors that you can't resist.

Dundee Cake From Scotland / Eggless Dundee Cake

Dundee cake- a rich , delicious , fruit cake from Scotland that is loaded with lots of raisins, currants, cashew, candied cherries and almonds

Alfajores from Argentina- Dulche de Leche Sandwich Cookies

Soft and crumbly cookies with a sticky luscious Delche de Leche filling inside

Chokladbollar- The Swedish Chocolate Balls

Eggless Rainbow Cake / How to make rainbow cake

The vibrant colors of rainbow cake add charm to the kiddie's party and a huge smile on kiddo's face.

Christmas Herb & Cheese Bread/ Eggless Cheese Bread using Aquafaba

A flavorful and vibrant cheese bread for a special dinner

Soft & Moist Orange Cranberry Cake / Eggless Orange Cranberry Cake

Bursting with orange flavor, this orange cranberry cake can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Fat Free Chocolate Cake / How to make fatfree, eggfree chocolate cake

Sinful or Sin less..... You need not to think to devour this fat free chocolate cake.