Whole-wheat Nigella Soda Bread/ How to make Irish Soda Bread

Kurabiye – Turkish Shortbread Cookies

Turkish butter cookie that just melt in your mouth!

Gingerbread From Netherlands/Kruidkoek – Dutch Spice Cake

Try this mildly spiced gingerbread and I'm sure it's going to show its presence most frequently on your breakfast table.

Coconut Castles – The English Madeleines /Eggless Coconut Castles

These jam coated soft and fluffy cakes are a real delight to the eyes and tongue.

Kanelbullar- The Swedish Cinnamon Bun

These soft and pillowey cinnamon buns with crisp exterior, fill the whole house with such a delightful cinnamon flavor that makes them difficult to resist.

Christmas Herb & Cheese Bread/ Eggless Cheese Bread using Aquafaba

A flavorful and vibrant cheese bread for a special dinner

Coffee Cookies Eggless / How to make coffee cookies

A coffee lover's delight, these eggless coffee cookies will undoubtedly please your senses.

Japanese Sweet Stuffed Milk Bun/ Sweet buns using Tangzhong

Indulge yourself in these sweet, soft and pillowy buns. Believe me you will not look further.

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Cheese & Herb Muffin- A flavorful savory muffin

A flavorful muffin with oodles of cheese and is perfect for breakfast.

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Soft & Spongy Eggless Blueberry Cupcakes /How to make Eggless & Butterless Cupcakes

These blueberry cupcakes, traditioanal American favorite, are eaten warm or cold and are usually served as breakfast.