Rice Dishes

Spanish Vegan Paella Recipe

Spanish Vegan Paella is not only a treat to the taste buds, but the beautiful color and aroma is a definite treat to the eyes

Brazilian One Pot Chickpea Rice

Brazilian chickpea rice- a perfect one pot meal for the lazy/ busy day

Basanti Meethe Chawal/Kesariya Rice/How to make Saffron Rice

Why to wait for basant panchmi to make thesemeethe chawal, when you can enjoy it any day.

Winter Vegetable Pulao – A Healthy One Pot Meal

Cold winter days....Wanna make something easy yet nutritious?? This winter vegetable pulao loaded with vegetables is just for you.

Chana Dal Khichdi/ How to make chana dal pulao

Chana Dal Khichdi - A healthy instant one pot meal that can be readied in less than fifteen minutes.

Soya Stir Fried Veggie Rice/ Quick & easy soya rice recipe

Turn your leftovers into a healthy one pot meal. Customize with any veggie of your choice.

Tiranga Pulao Recipe/ Tricolor Pulao

Tiranga pulao is a culmination of three different types of South Indian rice dishes i.e. tomato rice, coconut rice & curry patta rice

Jhat Pat Chana Rice