Shakarkand Ke Ladoo/ Sweet Potato Ladoo

Shakarkand ke ladoo is a mildly sweet, yet delicious treat to make your fasting to feasting

Shahi Tukda- A Royal Dessert

This delectable shahi tukda with a little crunch of bread, thick & creamy rabdi laced with saffron & cardamom flavors leaves a luscious taste in your mouth.

Instant Sponge Cake Rasmalai Recipe/ Vanilla Sponge Cake Rasmalai

An easy way to convert your leftover sponge cake into a ravishing Indian dessert - Rasmalai

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Chocolaty Walnut Fudge Balls – A Brazilian Gourmet Food

Craving for something sweet and chocolaty. Feast on this super duper Brazalian fudge balls made with condensed milk and cocoa.

Kesar Ellachi Peda Using Khoya/Mawa

An easy to make peda that is bursting with flavors and just melts when taken into mouth.

Dhoda Burfi- A specialty from Punjab

A delicacy from the land of Punjab with its unique texture, flavor and richness.

Jammu Chocolate

A sweet that is little chocolaty, little chewy, bursting with taste leaves you desiring for more. You will be longing for chewiness to persist.

Besan Ke Ladoo/ Besan Laddu Recipe

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons/ Eggless Chocolate Macaroon Recipe

Sugarcane Kheer/ Ganne ke ras ki kheer