Cooking Tips

  1. To make dosa crispy add a little sugar in the batter. Keep it at cool place for about 1 hour, then use it.
  2. To enhance color of vegetables put them in cold water along with few drops of lemon for 15 minutes. This will make them look fresh.
  3. To get separate noodles, put boiled noodles in iced cold water.
  4. To separate each grain of rice, put lemon juice in rice during boiling.
  5. To store ginger/ garlic for a longer time, grind it along with oil and store in refrigerator.
  6. To avoid burning of milk, add a little water at the base of the pan. Heat it and then add milk to boil.
  7. If you have leftover dal or any curry, knead it in flour along with onion, chillies and seasoning of your choice. These make very tasty paranthas.
  8. Soak rajma or chana overnight. Drain that water and boil in fresh water. This way these do not cause acidity. You can use that water for watering plants.
  9. If you are short of tomatoes, curd can be used in gravies.
  10. If using curd in gravies, beat it properly before adding to avoid lump formation.
  11. For making crispy pakoras, add rice flour to the batter.
  12. While making mixture for paranthas or tikki, do not add salt to the hot potatoes. It will make mixture gooey.
  13. Keep the onion in refrigerator before chopping to avoid burning of eyes.
  14. To take out full juice of lemon, microwave it for 5 sec or rub between your palms before squeezing.
  15. To make paranthas or puris for travelling, knead the dough in milk instead of water to keep them softer for a longer time.
  16. Before grating cheese, rub some oil on the grater to avoid sticking of cheese to the grater.

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