Few days back, one of my blogger friend called for recipe based on Halloween theme. This made me realise that I haven’t made anything on that theme so far and I was all set to make one.

Now the big question was… What should I make?? I looked for the various ideas and finally decided to make spooky spider web cake.

Spooky spider cake


I had two chocolate cakes that I had baked a day before, lying in my fridge waiting for getting frosted . It made my job easier.

For the frosting I used whipped cream and made cobweb with dark chocolate ganache. I had some leftover cream cheese frosting from the red velvet cake that was made for my friend’s birthday. Since cream cheese frosting was not sufficient for the entire cake, so I just gave a layering of it but believe me it enhanced the overall taste of the cake.

For making chocolate cake and ganache you can refer here.