Warangal Ginnappa/Sarva Pindi From Telangana/ Tappala Chekka

Warangal Ginnappa/Sarva Pindi From Telangana/ Tappala Chekka

Warangal ginnappa, a pancake like flatbread or a flatbread like pancake…. Whatever it is… This is what I have made for my 23rd day entry in Mega Marathon.

This month in mega marathon, we a group of bloggers are presenting our dishes under the themes A to Z flatbreads and more. This theme has three sub themes, out of which we are to choose one and post for the whole September month

  1. A to Z Indian flat breads (excluding dosa, crepes and pancakes)
  2. A to Z International flat breads
  3. A to Z Indian breads (includes dosa, crepes and pancakes)

I have opted for A to Z Indian flatbreads. Till now it wasn’t that difficult to find flatbreads with different alphabets but real test is now… Letters W to Z.

For letter W, the choices of words coming to my mind were whole wheat flour and warqi paratha but I wanted something different. So kept on searching different state or cities of India when this ginnappa from Warangal caught my attention. It is also known as Sarva Pindi and tapala chekka.

Sarva Pindi is basically a rice flour pancake that has been incorporated with chana dal, peanuts and various spices to make a spicy and delicious dish. According to legend, once a lady named Anusurya of the village Bollepally in Warangal district was feeling hungry. She was yearning to eat something during a rainy day that was delicious but consumed less oil. As she had only rice flour at that time, so she made this Sarva Pindi/ ginnappa that became so popular that entire telangana people came to know about it.

The name Sarva Pindi/ ginnappa has come from the method of preparing it. The word Sarva/ginne means deep hollow round bowl and Pindi/appa means cake thus making literal meaning of Sarva Pindi as pancake.

Since I was determined to make this ginnappa only, but according to my theme it should include Flatbreads only not the pancakes. So I read the rules again and looked for some loopholes and there it is….I got one😎. According to flatbreads…. It should be patted like roti and in pancakes it should be batter based. Now my ginnappa is not batter based, but dough is to be knead. And for making it the dough has to be patted  in a bowl till we get a thin roti like circular disc. Hurray!! I have two points in my favour 💃💃

So I went ahead with my ginnappa.

When my ginnappa were being cooked, the whole kitchen was filled with the aroma making it difficult to wait for clicking pics. While I was placing it on the plate, a single small piece broke from the side. I was so absorbed in the aroma, that didn’t even realise when I put into my mouth.

I hadn’t clicked even a single pic by that time. So had to take a small piece from the other ginnappa and placed it to complete the circle, though it is still visible. Since the ginnappa were crisp, I broke the other one into pieces and spread some fresh tomato salsa over it. Believe me, they tasted yum.

After clicking pics, I kept two pieces in front of my mother in law and asked her to take one and keep the other for dad. She too like me, was so engrossed with the taste and ate both the pieces. When I asked her about dad’s share, she said कड़ कड़ करदे बहुत स्वाद लगे, में दोनों खा गई (that she liked these crispy pieces so much that are both of them). Can you imagine my happiness when she said so? The reason is, my mom and dad are such persons who do not want to experiment with their food and love to have Punjabi food only, occasionally pav bhaji or noodles. So my this Sarva Pindi/ginnappa from Warangal was a super success after mom’s comment.

Here is how I made it. I have given step by step procedure for you to follow and make it.

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Warangal Ginnappa/Sarva Pindi From Telangana/ Tappala Chekka
sarva pindi
sarva pindi
  1. Soak chana dal for about 30 minutes.
  2. Crush peanut lightly. I just separated them into halves.
  3. In a bowl, take all the ingredients except oil. Mix them well.
  4. Add sufficient water little by little to form a semi stiff dough. I used a little more than ⅓ cup of water.
    sarva pindi
  5. Divide the dough into two parts and roll each part into a ball.
  6. Pour about 2 tbsp of water in a non stick pan and smear it with oil over the whole surface. Note place one ball of dough in the centre.
    sarva pindi
  7. Start pressing the dough gently with your fingers. Apply oil to the fingers if it is sticking to the finger. Make holes with your finger. These horse will make Sarva Pindi crisp and also for adding oil, if required.
    sarva pindi
  8. Place the pan on gas stove and let it cook on medium to low flame for about 10 minutes. If you want crisp Sarva Pindi, cook without covering and if you want a bit sir, then cover it with a lid. Once it becomes golden brown in one side, flip the side and let it cook on other side as well for about 5 minutes.
    sarva pindi
  9. Remove from heat and place on an absorbent paper to remove excess oil.
  10. Serve hot as such or with some pickle. I served it with fresh tomato salsa.
    sarva pindi
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25 thoughts on “Warangal Ginnappa/Sarva Pindi From Telangana/ Tappala Chekka

  1. Lovely story behind this ginnappa sarva pindi na. With all those dals, peanuts went in it, am sure this Warangal ginnapa sarve pindi will definitely tickle my tastebuds. Lovely pick for W Ritu.

  2. Serving it with tomato salsa is a superb idea. I make different variations of ginappa and I am sure my folks will love it with the salsa. Interesting history about ginaappa.

  3. I can make out your excitement from the post , Ritu .
    Good job done on Ginnappa , we had made this for one of the ICC challenges and loved it to the core . Super delicious ginnappa with the crunch of peanuts .
    Salsa is a great accompaniment to serve these .

  4. Sarva pindi looks crispy and delicious. I heard about this recipe so many times but never got chance to make it. After seeing your recipe I want to give a try.

  5. These looks similar to thalipeeth from Maharashtra, but after reading your recipe I am tempted to try it for our next breakfast sounds so flavourful bookmarking it, thanks for the lovely share.

  6. so sweet Ritu, so lucky to have mom in law like her. I love reading about her in your blog. feels good. warangal ginnappa sarvapindi looking so delicious. such mein kha jao fatafat chai ke sath.

  7. What an amazing research you did for the dish…that is why I love blogging…it pushes our limits to try new…the pindi looks so good and I’m tempted try…does the pindi gets cooked in water and oil? You have mentioned to add 2 TBsn Water and add oil..

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