Strawberry Flavored Chocolate Cornflakes Cluster

Strawberry Flavored Chocolate Cornflakes Cluster

Today we are entering into third week of cooking carnival and with the new week comes a new ingredient as my theme for the month long cooking carnival is five ingredients for five weeks. Last week, all my recipes were based on protein rich ingredient i.e. Soya nuggets. So I thought of using carbohydrate rich ingredient, that is also light on stomach, for this week. As I wanted to make some light and quick snacks, so cornflakes seemed be an appropriate choice to me.

There is a reason for quick snacks. My daughter’s exams are going on. Though I’m not doing much in it, still a mental pressure is always there. I want to keep myself free for her, if she needs my help. That calls for quick snacks.

As the kids are also pressurized during exams, so they need some instant source of energy and what could be better than chocolate in that case. So I decided to make strawberry flavoured chocolate cornflake cluster. There is no cooking required in this recipe. Just melt the chocolate and add crushed cornflakes…..tada.. Chocolate clusters are ready. Easy, isn’t it??

Strawberry flavored chocolate-cornflake-cluster

Now on to the recipe…..


Milk chocolate 100 grams
Corn flakes
1 cup
Strawberry crush
1 tablespoon
White compound 50 grams


  • Cut milk chocolate into small pieces and melt chocolate either in microwave or in a double boiler.
  • Add strawberry crush to the chocolate and mix it well.
  • Lightly crush cornflakes with hand.
  • Mix cornflakes in molten chocolate.
  • Working quickly and using a teaspoon, scoop the chocolate-covered cornflakes onto the greased butter paper.
  • Strawberry flavored chocolate-cornflake-cluster
  • Keep it in freezer for 5 minutes to harden.
  • Melt white chocolate compound in microwave and just swirl white chocolate on the top of chocolate cluster to make design.

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